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Sportsstuff Frantic


The Half-Pipe shape gives the towable tube a more exciting reaction to steep wakes and also allows the riders to stay on when the ride gets frantic! It’s the perfect balance of action and stability with room enough for three! This inflatable is fully covered with EVA foam body pads for each rider, plenty of handles for multiple riding positions, and bright attractive graphics. Finding extra riders will not be a problem!

• 3 Riders – 80” x 112”

• Double-Stitched Nylon Full Cover with Zipper

• Double Webbing Foam Handles with Knuckle Pads

• EVA Foam Body Pad& Reinforced Tow System 

• Self-Bailing Drain Vent

• Heavy-Gauge PVC Bladder

• Speed Safety Valve with Padded Valve Cover

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