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Sportsstuff Speedzone 3

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Built for speed and dressed for fun. The Speed Zone Three is designed for three riders, providing a stable ride while easily sliding outside the wake for an exhilarating run! This fast track hot rod features a full nylon cover that is as durable as it is sleek, cockpit seating to keep you in the saddle, high backrests, air cushioned floors for a more comfortable ride, and double webbing foam handles to keep your white knuckles from turning red; Speed Zone Three will keep you in the zone!

• 3 Riders – 73” x 101”

• Reinforced tow system

• Speed Safety Valve with Padded Valve Cover

• Double webbing foam handles with knuckle pads

• Heavy-duty double-stitched full nylon cover

• Heavy-duty PVC bladder

• Air cushioned floors

• Air cushioned backrests

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