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WOW Tripod

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The first 3-in-1 inflatable towable to ever hit the market.  One of the most incredibly innovative towable tubes for boating, this towable tube from WOW can be towed 3 different ways.  First it can be towed as a cockpit tube with wings.  The cockpit has a drop speed bottom which allows it to skim across the water and the wings give it added stability.  The drop bottom and patent pending Flex wing system also allows the rider to take control of the boating tube and steer it across the wake.  Second, you can unzip the wings and use the middle as a cockpit tube with the option to steer.   Without the added stability of the wings your ability to steer is even greater and your ride is even faster!  And third, zip the 2 wings together and you have a super-fast arrow-shaped deck tube.  And if that isn’t enough, use the arrow-shaped deck tube and the cockpit tube separately and you and your friend can ride them at the same time.  So you are getting 2 towable water tubes for the price of 1.  You won’t find a towable tube with better value anywhere else.


·       3 inflatable towables for the price of 1!

·       2 towables for boats (a cockpit tube and a deck tube) that can be used at the same time

·       Patent pending Flex Wing System and Drop Speed Bottom allows for steering capability

·       Drop Speed Bottom give you a fast ride


·       TUFF SHELL Full Nylon Cover with Zipper

·       Heavy-Duty PVC Bladder

•       Double Webbing Foam Handles with Knuckle Guards

•       Full size EVA Foam Pads

•       Zippered Valve Covers

•       Speed Valve for Fast Inflation and Deflation

•       Dimensions Inflated 75x75”

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