Water Toys

WOW Macho 1-2


The design team at WOW figured out how to turn the basic one-dimensional deck tube into a multi-positional family fun mobile. Unlike the traditional deck tube which you can only lie down on, the Macho Combo tube allows you to lay, sit, or kneel. Our Secure Form-Fit seating is constructed with an internal, heavy duty nylon harness to prevent the riders bottoms from hitting the water. On top of that we added a layer of UV-protection treated, heavy-duty, FLEX-SIT material to make the cockpit form fitting and ultra-comfortable. The Macho Combo Series is the perfect all in one action towable for the family with kids that want to sit inside a cockpit for a more secure ride and for those more adventurous ones that want to kneel or lie down on the deck and just hold on for dear life. 

• 1-2 rider

• Secure form fit cockpit seating with flex-sit floor

• 12 Double webbing foam handles for multiple riding positions

• Full nylon cover with heavy duty secure zipper

• Reinforced tow point

• Heavy-Duty PVC Bladder

• Zippered Valve Cover

• Speed valve for fast inflation and deflation

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