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WOW Pool Pals


Your kids are going to love their new Pool Pals! Forget about those boring foam noodles that take up so much space.  Simply inflate your Pool Pals and your kids have an adorable Ducky, Piggy, and Foggy they can play with.  And when they are finished playing, the Pool Pals deflate down to the size of an envelope and can easily be stored. Easy to inflate and easy to use, but we haven’t even told the parents the best part.  They make one of the most comfortable pool lounges for adults that you’re going to find.  The head makes a perfect pillow and the stem supports your body just beautifully.  The perfect toy for your kids and the perfect lounge for you!

• Fun inflatable pool noodles with adorable characters kids will love to play with

• Inflates in under a minute using your mouth

• Easy to deflate, roll up into the size of a medium envelope

• Doesn’t take up any space in your garage or on your boat

• Can pack in your handbag when you go on holidays

• Provides support for anyone up to 220lbs.

• Big head makes a great pillow for adults to lay back on


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